Elles sont de retour…

Posté par ENO filles le 15 mai 2014

Ce sont les rieuses

Je vous laisse savourer son message en anglais et admirer ces insolentes et sympathiques visiteuses

Just allowing me for some recess with this story ..

One week ago, the laughing seagulls were back all the way from New Orleans French Quarter wharfs… How come they speak and they laugh French, don’t even ask…

Well, kinde Acadian language strongly spiced with Cajun patois. As a matter of fact, I can’t get a word of what they’d tell me….

The wonder is that despite they would come from such a distance, they would find their way to Arabesque Villa and become year after year good acquaintances of mine, along with a Bostonian Red Squirrel I met recently with.

Just for your today Entertainment.

photos envoyées par Platypus-



1-This one pretending to send over an email to WWF organization.

2- Her sister (brother ?) picking on Buster and me a part of this grain fed chicken.

3.  And look at this one, a sister-in-law of the former one, standing irrespectfully in my old kuskus plate so old that some experts would pretend that Jesus Christ himself used it. As you could think, I’m not that sure… By the way, yes, J.Christ would eventually allow himself for some palestinian kuskus….

Actually, the sister-in-law is whining and stressing the fact that she is SURE : THIS corn is this Monsanto’s horrendous GMO stuff. Too young to die…


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